Monday, May 16, 2011

Why I stopped running to settle down with a time bomb

A bomb blast, a tight slap just below your ears, a hit on the head, the feeling just before you hit the ground after having a blackout......

Varied situations, yet there is a correlation in all the chaos....

Noise...that peculiar noise...the one that defy's your literal sense of what is real and what is is this noise that connects the missing dots, the bridge that sorts the randomness...

Its sharp, its deafening, its chilling, and its never manages to shake the inner soul in that small "spatio-temporal" world in which it exists...That noise - Sheer mystique !

I am experiencing that noise more and more with each passing day, and it comes with its own share of add-ons..

Life's become's become melodramatic...well at least thats what i have convinced myself to believe...

I am standing in the center of the frame..everything around me moving, changing, evolving...with me poised in full balance..ready to take the next few steps, and just when i am about to keep my foot down, the noise hits me hard....yet again...

Have I been dreaming or have i finally woken up...

Hey wait! this time its different,...the noise is failing....its almost dead...

Its dead silent again...its pitch dark...did i hear something or was it me just breathing?

And from the corner of my eyes i see the rays...a silhouette in the far distant...

It catches me off-guard when it hits me..and it hits me hard...

There is noise again...the noise generated from the tides of change that hit my soul..

This feels good...there is a certain rhythm in this time bomb...

There is order in this randomness..a purpose even in its destruction...

And so i wait...waiting to get swallowed in the tides of change...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


LoVe, LiKe, LiFe, LiEs, All FiCtIoN aNd FoRgOTtEn, BeTwEeN yOuR ThIgHs !!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1:28 AM

Life's so fucking unpredictable..and time's the one having the run, you gasp, you struggle, and you wish you could escape..yes. you wish !!

Wishful makes one believe that even stars are reachable, if one stretches one's hands...wishful !!

Minutes..maybe hours..and then you crash land and realize that things have changed so much....and yet so little...and yet so much...

Your definition of reality finds itself on the wrong track on a freeway..facing the oncoming traffic..and with each vehicle that passes, the definition of reality finds itself in a position that barely manages to hold true..

There's nothing true in this stupid real real real love..

everything is as real as you want it to be..its good, its bad, (its horny if you want it to be..)

Lies - thats what we feed ourselves...the quintessential fuel to our souls....the answer to our problems..the joys to equate the sorrows...

and yet, each day, we continue to make ourselves believe that we have been brought into this world for a bigger plan, for a greater end.....


We are what we feed our minds, we are what are thoughts are...we are the mood swings of people around us..

we are their insecurities, we are their fears, we are their happiness, we are just a moment..

we are as deep as these lines and as confused and perplexed as the minds that read these lines..

we are nothing, yet we are everything...a fact one day, a muse the other, and a picture on a photo album in a few days..

Yes, we are the captions, and the so called memories, we are the stupid talks in the pub, and we are the disease that everyone wants to kick.....

Arbit, complicated, utterly confused..we are nothing but a topic for discussion..and we are the one's who discuss....

each day we are different, and yet each day we still are the same.....apparently better than all and worse than none...

We are everything that we never wanted to be...!! Thats what we are....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

17 Nov 2010

In the midst of all the commotion, the crowd, and  celebrations...
dragged by external forces and the bright lights, 
where was I???

Monday, August 9, 2010

More than words

It’s more than just words; it’s more than these lines;
It’s more than the meaning that you build in your mind;
A random collection of feelings you think that I hold;
Baby, this ain’t so simple, now tell me, am I being uncanny?
So get out of my line, get out of my sight;
I don’t think you wanna greet these crooked thoughts in my mind;
How can you listen to what I have to say?
Can you hear the song that I wish to play?
Maybe you can see what my face has to say;
You ain’t any blind, but baby;
I know you are blind;
Your mind is demented; your thoughts look like you;
Maybe that’s the reason why I fell in love with you;
So, break open your world bitch; come out of your lies;
And grant me a favor; I know you are not the type;
Sweetheart! It’s not worth my pain; it’s not worth your time;
The wall has been broken; and the music has changed,
The piper has left; and the curtains are down;
You still standing there in the corner,
With that look in your eyes ….Encore?
It’s not that I am scared of cutting open my heart,
It’s not the blood; my soul feels no pain;
Just a lil scared of what will happen to what lies inside;
If only the rhythm in the heart could be expressed;
The notes, the lines, yeah! And my stupid voice;
For you to know, lo and behold;
There is life beyond those walls;
So get out of my line, get out of my sight;
This is no longer your dream; I am thinking now; is this dream even mine?
And when we’ll cross, somewhere in time;
I’ll sing the song, and I will read those lines,
Maybe tomorrow will be a different day,
But right now, Baby, I am heading the other way!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The end of Heartache

Tears, prayers, love, songs....few of the things i can do without....

Hurt, lost, sad, mad...few of the things that define my heart...

Eyes, hair, smell and voice...few of the things that make up your memories..

Words, action, drama, promises... few of the things that still need some thoughts..

There is no second...this is the end of my heartache...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Status Message: Courtesy: Anirudh Mani

She intrigues me.and scares me.interests me.but humours me some extent,even fascinates me.i liked her once.i still do,but only as a charming wayfarer,taught me a valuable lesson once.tempting,though, she was.only for me to realise that there is an oddity to an ideal, perfect fit.we are meant to be flawed,so is our resonance and kinship.are her vested interests robed in acts of geniality?is she the protagonist while i'm just a side character?is it all an act of which i'm just a 30-second ad break?


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